Your Social Media Image & Search Engine Marketing

Social Media, with its multi-platforms, can be overwhelming to those who are new at this. We want to fill that gap for you. Social Media is the most powerful tool today to spread the word about your brand and services.

We will grow your brand with Social Media and help you attract a large following of potential customers. When your website and social media are injected with good search terms and keywords, your popularity increases as does your Google ranking. I can enrich your social media presence.

• Set up your Social Media platforms and manage them
• Maintain Social Media for ongoing results
• Keep your blog active with relevant and user-friendly language
• Provide engaging articles and fresh content regularly to your website
• Grow your connections and business leads
• Convert social media leads into new business and sales

Marketing Consultant Toronto wants to enhance your Social Media presence and increase traffic to your site.


I provide services in the areas of marketing, advertising and brand development in both traditional and digital media. You can’t have one without the other. A social media presence, including Paid ads on Facebook, Twitter, Google and Bing, for example, would not come alive without the eternal principles of great advertising. A strong image, entertaining content and the search engines that carry them to the target audience are all interrelated components for success. The intense competition in the explosive digital marketing world today must take on the principles of great advertising.

Our work includes art direction of graphic design and website production, copywriting, On Page Seo copywriting and content creation. For the other side of digital marketing, traffic to your website and social media, I work with my SEO specialist; we analyze the current state of your website’s search engine optimization and offer strategic ideas and solutions as to how to improve your visibility, click-through rate and traffic. We can put it all together!

Optimizing your website and social media with keywords and buzz search terms plays a prominent role in reaching consumers. That is why the art of generating traffic to your website is as important as the design. Without SEO, your message can easily be missed. Without great design, your website will not capture your audience. It will just be swept away in the “tide” of millions of websites washed up to shore.

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