Downtown Toronto, East View

Fernne Kane, B.A., ARCT Dip.
Cert. Digital Marketing Management,
U. of T., Cert. Strategic Marketing,
Ryerson University

Father’s Orchestra CBC Television

Small Business Marketing Consultant

Brings Excitement to your Brand!

Growing up in a show business family, instilled in me a flair for showmanship & bravura. As a  Small Business Marketing Consultant in Toronto, I have tried to integrate these talents into the digital and advertising campaigns developed for clients and companies. Standing out in the digital landscape maze by making an IMPACT is key. The talent to entertain and bring humor & excitement to marketing is indispensable and has greatly contributed to the success of my branding achievements.

I have used this gift in my career with enthusiasm and a passion for promotion. My work experience has ranged from law firms to cosmetic surgeons, financial consultants to retail shopping centers.

The fusion of traditional advertising and digital & social media is the exciting world I take on. We  help showcase your product, your service, your brand. We are eclectic and cater to all. We know how to reach your market, connect with them, engage them and “move” them to action. Your brand is always on stage, so make it your best.

“All the World’s a Stage”… IDEAS  THAT  MOVE  PEOPLE